Ultimate Fishing Show

November 8, 2011 11:45 by Nick

If you're going to call something "Ultimate" you need to stand behind the product/service 110% and it needs to be the best of its kind around. For that reason, it's appropriate to call things such as Ultimate Fighting Championship and Ultimate Frisbee - ultimate.
With this is mind, it's also appropriate to refer to the Ultimate Fishing Show as the "ultimate" tradeshow for fishing and fishing accessories for the entire continental United States. Taking place in the majestic Suburban Collection Showcase in Detroit, MI this tradeshow is three days of fishing accessories, fishing equipment and even fishing seminars. These include exhibits of new fishing boats on the market, a fish fry dining hall, demonstrations on how to clean fish, thousands of different hooks and tackles as well as a 110,000 gallon lake for demonstrations.
Motivators has dozen of fish-related items in-stock. There's custom imprinted food products that look like goldfish, custom imprinted stress balls in the shape of fish, custom imprinted fishing hooks and even a promotional fishing line bobber

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