Digital Music Forum East

February 15, 2012 16:19 by Nick

I spend the majority of my spare time searching the internet for new music and music downloads. Everyday, millions of other web users download mp3s and albums. The digital music industry is a billion dollar industry and is steadily rising.

It's safe to say that the digital music industry is steadily rising. There is no better a tradeshow than the Digital Music Forum East. This tradeshow, which takes place February 22 and February 23 2012 in New York City, will feature many events, presentations and performances. Representatives from Pandora Radio, BitTorrent, Rhapsody and many other digital download sites will speak on various aspects of the field and answering your questions about the industry. Performances by Jennifer Logue, DJ Keiichiro Nakajima, Ebony Tay and DJ Ted Geshue will happen throughout the day.

Be sure to bring your promotional Digital Media Card - Music Downloads cards. It will get your name out there to your audience of choice.