Del Mar Electronics Show

April 9, 2012 16:35 by Nick

While trade shows are very beneficial to those who do attend, many avoid conferences and tradeshows during the weekend. A weekend is an opportunity to rest up from the work-week, not a continuation of the already hectic work-week. Work-week tradeshows and conferences are hard to come by.

Those who are in the electronics industry and seeking such a tradeshow that doesn't interfere with the work-week or the sought-after weekend should check out the Del Mar Electronics Show. The Del Mar Electronics Show takes place May 2nd and May 3rd at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. This is a great way to meet like-minded people in the electronics industry while taking part in seminars and visiting world-reknowned exhibitors - including 3M, Duracell and Nemco USA. 

With less than a month until the Del Mar Electronics Show, now is the perfect time to pick out an exhibitor's space and to pick out promotional tradeshow items adorned with your logo.