Because Everyone Uses a Calendar

July 14, 2011 14:51 by brandon

If you're prepping for a trade show and dying to give out something that will really be used, then consider this:  Promotional calendars are utilized 365 days a year, and offer tons of brand exposure for companies.  Distributors will definitely want to pick up your calendars as they are appropriate in many different environments, from offices to homes.  Additionally, there are so many different types of calendars to attract many different types of people.

Be sure to hand out custom planners to those who understand the demands of a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.  They will surely appreciate these products which are appropriate for students, office workers, and others with packed schedules.  Planners are great for imprinting company names and logos because every time recipients schedule an important date or meeting, they will be exposed to the item's imprinted message. 

If you've worked at an office before, you know how in-demand promotional desk calendars are.  That's why they make great giveaways for trade shows.  As attendees at the trade show flock to your booth, be sure to remind them that studies show a person looks at his or her calendar 12 times a day.  This will have them investing in your customized calendars quicker than you can say, "Save the date!"


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